Whirl of Art

The Whirl is the 11-foot diameter merry-go-round, the central component of the Whirl of Art installation. It is built to evoke pure, childlike joy in participants of all ages who get to ride this recreation from times long gone.


Crafting an 11-foot diameter merry-go-round sturdy enough to endure the weight and movement of numerous adults within the confines of a burn landscape presents a myriad of challenges demanding meticulous planning and construction. It is constructed using a 5-ft diameter steel core with wooden extensions on upside down wheels. Central handlebars and outer edge handlebars help participants stay on when it spins. An off-center 10 ft pole is connected to surrounding art installations transferring the motion of the merry-go-round to different components, bringing them to life. As people ride The Whirl, the bat flaps its’ wings (Norturtan Reverie project), Earth-seed opens and closes (TerRa Luna project), hands play the guitar (Capital Chord project), bells ring (Alma de Familia project) and the turtle swims atop a wave (Turtle Tower project).

This marvel is designed not merely as a fun functional element but as a canvas for artistic expression. The center is a colorful abstract representation of “whirl of art” concept. The submerging of colors together creates a still visual representation of movement through a smooth blending of colors. The outer edges of the merry-go-round are set to undergo a transformation akin to the style found in the mesmerizing animations seen on Bonobo's record covers: a series of pictures showing sequential phases of the animation, infusing it with a vibrant tapestry of images representative of each art tower. When the merry-go-round spins these minimal differences between images creates a fluent optical illusion of motion. This type of phenakistoscope design was the first widespread animation device and is regarded as one of the first forms of moving media entertainment that paved the way for the future motion picture and film.


Our merry-go-round rendition The Whirl will harmonize the essence of each towering masterpiece while fostering a sense of whimsy and wonderment among those who engage with it.

Design and Build

Merry-go-round is getting designed and built in stages.

First rendition was completed. It contained the metal center with wooden extensions placed atop a metal/wood base with wheels. It performed well during testing at Mycheivia regional burn!
Addition of rails to the outer edges of the merry-go-round is the next step. They are designed to withstand rough handling and pack into the space of the metal center for convenient transport.
Rails have been built, painted and attached to the merry-go-round.

Artistic Design

Conducted a speed test of the merry-go-round to determine average rotations per minute. Working on priming and applying a base coat. Design is on the way
Everything is primed. Got the logo all drawn out on the metal portion of the merry-go-round and ready to paint! Design for the extensions in progress.
Central part of the merry-go-round is getting painted with the logo of the Whirl of Art project.
Design for the extensions is getting finalized.

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