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TerRa Luna from Houston TX               


"Believe in the Seed of Dreams, for the Roots of Flowing Earth are birthed through the Eyes of Terran skies. A Fountain of creation given form among the Suns and Moons of the vast Cosmos. TerRA Luna inspires us to seek the Visionary within, to call upon the collective Wisdom of all Beings and Illuminate the Creative Forces in every spoken word."

TerRa Luna is being crafted by a dedicated team from Houston, Texas, proudly representing the vibrant community of the youngest Texas burn, "Unbroken Spring." Inspired by the city's profound ties to space exploration, this ambitious art project seeks to celebrate Houston's historical significance in humanity's ventures beyond our planet.


At its core, TerRa Luna is a large, kinetic, flowering seed sculpture that sits upon a substantial wooden base and opens as the merry-go-round takes participants for a ride. When the kinetic seed is in its closed state, the focal point is the wind-powered spinning sphere positioned above the seed. The gleaming sphere represents both the sun and moon, with its radiant presence shifting depending on the viewer's perspective. As the seed opens, it reveals an enchanting transformation – the Terran globe at its core is an intricate representation of earth as the Eye of the World blooming in a magnificent fountain of creation, reaching towards the celestial sun and moon, symbolizing the creative forces that flow from our planet to the vast cosmic expanse. This dynamic interplay of elements within the art piece invites us to explore the interwoven relationship between earth, space, and the human spirit.


The wooden pedestal base, aside from being the anchor for the sculpture, serves as a specially curated art gallery inside. The central piece is a 3D handcrafted "Flowing Earth" sculpture, made by one of Houston's very talented artists from steel wire and carefully selected river stones. The communal art piece "Chandelier of Dreams" serves as a canvas for community members to inscribe their personal visions for the future on acrylic pieces, projecting a collective desire to manifest change and enabling many to share their dreams with participants on the playa. These are surrounded by a collection of 2D art pieces showcasing the work of a variety of local Houston artists. The space is designed with a celestial theme, with galaxies and stars projected onto the floor, creating an immersive and otherworldly atmosphere that encourages visitors to gaze around and ponder the mysteries of the great cosmos. Visual art is supplemented by a carefully selected musical compilation playing in the background. 


Outside of the base serves as a canvas for numerous artists to express what Houston means to them: the enormous rural city with a small urban center crisscrossed by the widest freeways in the country, a port and the energy capital, one of the most ethnically and racially diverse cities, and our home of resilience in the face of natural disasters.


TerRa Luna, as a whole, celebrates community by weaving together the threads of big city life, nature, culture, and the cosmos, encouraging viewers to contemplate their own dreams, the collective wisdom of humanity, and the boundless potential of creative expression in the unspoken language of art.

Art Sculpture Design

Status: in completed

Base Build

Status: completed

Art Sculpture Build

Sun/Moon and Earth have been CNC cut, assembled, and sanded. 
The cable shaft welding completed. 
Seed is CNC cut.
TerRa-Luna assembled.

Status: in progress

Base Art Design

Full 8x8 wall 1:   Design has been finalized. The night time image is the CNC cut though  with lights behind it. The daytime image will be a combination of wood-burning and charring, plus diluted paint and natural food coloring to stain the wood.

Status: In progress

Houston is a is known for its racial and ethnic diversity, its resilience in the face of adversity. overcoming a number of natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods and being "Energy Capital of the World" due to its status as a global center for the oil and gas industry. We aim to showcase these side of Houston in the base wall designs. Below are some inspirational images for the remaining three walls.

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