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Nocturnal Reverie of Dallas TX                 

Looking for new leads for the Dallas component of the project!

Whirl of Art is looking for new leads to help us design the art tower representing Dallas burner community. Is it you? Do you know someone who might be interested? Please reach out to us!

The art piece, titled 'Nocturnal Reverie,' is a tribute to the annual regional burn 'Myschievia,' renowned for the prominent presence of bats in the area. Standing as a symbol of the burn's spirit, the art piece takes the form of a grand bat, soaring into the night. With wings outstretched, it embodies the elegance and mystique of these nocturnal creatures, which have become emblematic of the Dallas burner community. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each bat wing displays intricate designs cut into the wood. The wooden surface of the sculpture is charred and paint-stained purple. The bat's eyes are a prominent focal point, made from iridescent glass lit from the inside, creating an almost otherworldly glow that makes the creature appear as if it's watching over the playa.


Similar to other art installations in the Whirl of Art, 'Nocturnal Reverie' is connected to the merry-go-round and offers an interactive and kinetic experience. When burners hop on the merry-go-round and begin their whimsical ride, the bat sculpture comes to life with rhythmic movements. Its wings start to flap, mirroring the enchanting flight of real bats. 


At night, the body of the bat and the wings will be outlined in addressable LED lights that will chase rainbow colors around the outline of the sculpture.  The eyes of the bat will be glowing purple.  4 spotlights will up-light the bat in purple from the corners of the pedestal. 


The inside of the base has been transformed into a bat cave, with rock-like wall coverings and UV lighting from multiple angles using blacklight strips. The UV-reactive art gallery features individual contributions from a diverse group of Dallas artists. 


The exterior of the base is adorned with intricate carvings depicting landscapes, plants, and animals—a living tapestry of nature representing this part of Texas, illuminated with downlight LED strips at night. 'Nocturnal Reverie' serves as a reminder that, although burns unite people in a collective celebration of self-expression, we should not lose the sense of wonder that comes from connecting with nature around us.


Sculpture design

Waiting for new design from new leads...

Base walls design ideas

Texas is very large, and most of it is barely inhabited by humans. Design of the walls for this tower is to be a tribute to the unique collection of animals and plants we share our lives with. 

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