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Turtle Tower of Corpus Christi TX                  

"Turtle Tower" is a captivating and environmentally conscious art piece thoughtfully designed by a dedicated team from Corpus Christi, Texas. The sculpture takes the form of a giant turtle, being carried by a wave. The turtle itself is designed to be built out of plywood and assembled like playa-tech furniture with limited use of screws and glue. A lighthouse overlooks the playa, shining the bright light at travelers, enticing them to visit. The merry-go-round's motion is connected to the turtle's fins, causing it to undulate gracefully, creating an enchanting illusion of the turtle swimming through the waves.  

All five of the sea turtle species found in the Gulf of Mexico rely on Corpus Christi beaches and adjacent waters. Kemp's ridley sea turtles, an endangered species, nest on North Padre Island more than at any other location in the United States.  For the last 10 years Corpus Christi burners have been organizing beach cleanups, four times a year to create safe environment for them to reproduce.  The "Turtle Tower" project is designed not just as a testament to artistic creativity but also to embody burners’ commitment to Corpus Christi's beaches. The wave the turtle sits on is constructed out of driftwood gathered on local beaches, while the lighthouse is built using scraps found on these beaches as a powerful combination of art and environmental activism, embedded within the sculpture.

The outer shell of the base is adorned with intricate artistic works cut and burned into the wood and paint-stained in pastel colors. While three of the sides express the beauty and the joy that Corpus Christi's beaches and the ocean bring to people, one wall focuses on the negative impact we as humans have on the environment. 

Inside the base visitors are welcomed into a beach-themed oasis. The space is adorned with various art pieces created by local artists, each telling a unique story of the coast, from vibrant seascapes to delicate seashell sculptures. Soft, melodic sounds of waves crashing against the shore fill the air are added to the sound of the seashells wind chimes, creating a soothing and immersive experience. It's as if the sea has been brought indoors, with the gentle rhythms of the tides providing a backdrop to the art gallery. 

During the nighttime, the "Turtle Tower" will come alive with a symphony of colors and shadows. The bright outline of the turtle, soft glow from the inside and the play of lights with ocean effect on its surface adds a dynamic and mesmerizing dimension to the sculpture. The lighting in the base is a sight to behold: LED tiki torches cast a warm and inviting flickering glow at the entrances, while the projected ocean waves dance on the ground, adding a dynamic and surreal touch to the space. On the outside, the lights shine through the carving while the wave lights bathe the paintings with a soft glow.

Visitors to the "Turtle Tower" will undoubtedly be inspired by its beauty, both in the daylight and the night's enchanting glow. It serves as a testament to the harmony that can be achieved when art and nature intertwine, delivering a powerful message that transcends traditional boundaries and encourages all to be protectors of our cherished coastal environments, even in the moonlit hours.

Turtle Design

Base wall designs ideas

Nearly 3/4 of the total area of Corpus Christi is covered by water. Beaches are enjoyed all year around by locals and tourists who come to swim, surf and fish in warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Due to high windspeeds, it is one of the best cities in North America for kiteboarding, wind surfing, kite flying and sailing. Locals keep their beaches pristine by organizing cleanups multiple times a year. These facts were the inspiration for wall designs, which will be cut into, wood-burned and painted (with diluted latex paint or natural food colorings) on the birch plywood.

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