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Capitol Chords of Austin, TX               

The art piece representing Austin, TX is being crafted by artists with a rich history in contributing to FreezerBurn and Burning Flipside effigies. “Capitol Chords” stands as a magnificent tribute to the city's vibrant cultural tapestry. 


Taking the form of a colossal guitar, the sculpture “Capitol Chords” is a testament to Austin's renowned status as the live music capital of the world. Crafted using intricate color-staining techniques, the guitar's surface is adorned with beautiful, swirling designs that capture the essence of the city's artistic spirit and is covered with photographs of local murals. 


The art on the base of the sculpture depict some serious issues, serving as a commentary on the city's role as the Capitol of Texas as well as a magnificent tribute to the city's vibrant cultural tapestry. Three of the walls will be the works of talented local artists, while one will be a communal mural painted by Austin burners reflecting their personal relationship to this amazing city. 


True to Austin's motto of "Keep Austin Weird," the inside of the base becomes a curated space reflecting the eccentric and eclectic nature of the city, set to music playing softly in the background. Amongst the remarkable works by local artists, there are models of effigies from past Flipsides and Freezerburns showcasing the rich history of the Austin burner community. 


At night, the sculpture comes alive with a dazzling display of bright lights, illuminating the intricate details. The guitar becomes a beacon, sparkling in the darkness and symbolizing the city's pulsating energy. 


To make the sculpture even more remarkable, the merry-go-round positioned beneath is connected to the two hands on the guitar. As the  merry-go-round turns the right hand begins strumming the strings while the left moves up and down the deck as if taking one chord after another creating a dynamic and engaging experience for onlookers and participants.


In this intricate and multifaceted art piece, the artists skillfully weave together the celebratory spirit of Austin's live music scene with a thought-provoking exploration of its social and political landscape, all while embracing the city's unique and quirky identity.

Guitar design

All dimensions of a normal guitar will be scaled up over 210%.


There will be two movements on the guitar that are both actuated by the pulling and releasing motion of the merry-go-round. The hands will be weighted so they themselves are counterweights to the pull of the rope.  The left hand will be on a track system that moves up and down the neck of the guitar, while the right arm will strum the guitar with elbow being the pivot point.


The guitar will be tie-dyed  with diluted paints and covered with iconic pictures like a scrapbook. 

Base wall designs ideas 

Outer walls will be turned into murals similar to those decorating street corners all over town. Each wall will reflect what the city is known for: "keep Austin weird" slogan, being the live music capital of the world, pollical controversies of the state capitol and a compilation of other natural and cultural elements making the city so unique. Here are some inpspirations for the designs yet to be finalized.

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