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Whirl of Art is Texas-wide communal art project consisting of 5 unique kinetic sculptures powered by a large merry-go-round & the sun atop mini art galleries showcasing work of local artists, each designed by, built by & representing burner communities of Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio & Corpus Christi. Here are descriptions of each city's installation and links to their individual pages.

TerRa Luna - Houston, TX

TerRa Luna, crafted by a dedicated Houston team from the youngest Texas burn community, "Unbroken Spring," pays tribute to the city's space exploration legacy. When closed, a spinning sphere above a giant seed represents the sun and moon. As a merry-go-round spins, the seed opens, revealing Earth as the eye of the world and a fountain of creation reaching up towards space. Inside the base, among the celestial-themed decor, is a curated art gallery which includes a "Flowing Earth" sculpture, a communal burner project called "Chandelier of Dreams," and a collection of works by local artists. TerRa Luna harmonizes nature, culture, and the cosmos, encouraging contemplation of dreams and creative expression.

TerRa Luna is the first art tower to be constructed and work is already on the way!

Capitol Chords - Austin, TX

Crafted by artists with ties to FreezerBurn and Burning Flipside, "Capitol Chords" embodies Austin, TX's vibrant essence. This colossal guitar sculpture celebrates the city's global music prominence with intricate designs, lit up at night, symbolizing its energetic spirit. The merry-go-round underneath activates the strumming hand, while carvings on the base tackle serious issues - from politics to social matters. Reflecting Austin's eccentricity, the base showcases local art, photographs of city's vibrant murals and elements from Eeyore's Birthday celebration. An intricate piece weaving art in many expressions with societal reflection, "Capitol Chords" embraces Austin's unique and quirky identity.

Nocturnal Reverie - Dallas, TX

Titled 'Nocturnal Reverie,' this art piece pays homage to 'Myschievia,' an annual burn known for its bat presence. Crafted by a talented Dallas-based team, it resembles a majestic bat, symbolizing the community's spirit. Intricately designed wooden wings, charred and purple-stained, complement eyes made of glowing iridescent glass, adding an otherworldly touch.  Linked to a merry-go-round, 'Nocturnal Reverie' becomes kinetic—its wings flap when riders spin, visible afar at night. Inside, it's transformed into a bat cave with UV art by diverse local artists. A unique mobile composed of handcrafted bats created by members of burner community is the centerpiece of the gallery. Outside, the base showcases detailed carvings depicting landscapes, plants, and animals of this part of Texas. Ultimately, 'Nocturnal Reverie' serves as a reminder of the unity in self-expression, urging a connection with nature amid collective celebrations.

Alma de Familia - San Antonio, TX

"Alma de Familia" is a striking art installation by visionary San Antonio artists. Named after the Spanish word for "soul," the piece centers on Spanish colonial missions, symbolizing the city's rich history dating back to the 1700s. The mission comes alive at night with glowing spotlights. Ringing bells create an interactive experience that connects viewers to San Antonio's vibrant past. 


Illuminated torches guide visitors to a internal space where they are presented with a blending of modern visionary art with traditional paintings, showcasing the duality of San Antonio's artist community. An Ofrenda on one of the wall pays homage to the city's deep-rooted belief in family as the cornerstone of its existence.


"Alma de Familia" goes beyond being an art installation; it is a profound reflection of San Antonio's Tex-Mex identity, a tribute to its historical spirit, and a heartfelt acknowledgment of its cultural roots.

Turtle Tower  - Corpus Christi, TX

"Turtle Tower," an environmentally conscious sculpture by Corpus Christi's dedicated team, depicts a majestic turtle being carried by a wave in front of a lighthouse. Ingenious kinetic energy creates a lifelike motion making the turtle's  fins flip in the water. Inside the base, a beach-themed oasis showcases local artists' works amid soft, rhythmic waves' sounds. LED tiki torches and projected waves create a serene ambiance. This art piece is reflecting the burner community's commitment to protect coastal environments.

The Whirl (Merry-Go-Round)

"Step right up and behold The Whirl, the magical 11-foot merry-go-round at the heart of the Whirl of Art installation! Crafted to spread joy to adventurers of all ages, this marvel is no ordinary ride. Grab onto the handlebars and join the fun as you activate a symphony of delights: bat wings flap, Earth-seed dances, hands strum guitars, bells chime, and a turtle takes a swim atop a wave—all brought to life by your spinning antics.


Yet, The Whirl is more than just a ride; it's a masterpiece of artistry itself. At its center, swirls of vibrant colors blend together like a whirlwind of creativity. And around the edge, watch as mesmerizing transformations unfold, creating a fluent optical illusion of motion akin to the spellbinding animations on Bonobo's record covers.


 So hop aboard, dear adventurers, and let The Whirl whisk you away on a journey of whimsy and wonder through the realms of art and imagination!

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