Our Texas-wide community art project "Whirl of Art" is destined for Burning Man 2025. 


This installation endeavors to redefine art creation as a communal odyssey. Each art sculpture within our project encapsulates a distinct vision meticulously crafted by diverse teams from various cities, collectively portraying the multifaceted tapestry of Texas's cultural richness. However, rather than existing in isolation, these sculptures intricately interconnect, weaving together a larger, more potent composition. The essence of synergy emerges as separate artworks converge, offering an immersive experience that blends diverse ideas, styles, and narratives—reflecting the vibrant diversity of our burner community. 

Our aim is for participants to engage with the physical elements of the installation and rediscover a sense of unbridled joy reminiscent of childhood. Moreover, we aspire for this collective endeavor to spark meaningful dialogues, prompting contemplation on the interplay between the individual expression's power and the boundless potential that surfaces when creativity transforms into a collective pursuit.

What is Whirl of Art?

It's a mesmerizing journey through the heart of Texas creativity! 


Our art project celebrates the spirit of five vibrant Texan cities, renowned for hosting regional burns: 

  • Austin (Burning Flipside and FreezerBurn), 
  • Houston (Unbroken Spring), 
  • Dallas (Myschievia), 
  • San Antonio (AlmaBurn),  
  • Corpus Christi (BeachBurn). 

Raising proudly and capturing immediate attention are five remarkable art pieces, standing between 8 to11 feet tall atop 9-foot towers. Each artwork serves as a visual tribute to the unique character of its corresponding city, capturing the essence of its energy. 


These towering creations are not just static representations; they come to life through innovative mobile components. At the core of this spectacle lies an 11-foot diameter merry-go-round, acting as the catalyst for this captivating choreography. As the merry-go-round spins, the art pieces spring to life, their mobile components responding dynamically, creating a captivating interplay of form and motion. It is an enchanting celebration of human expression in constant motion, a mesmerizing spectacle to behold.


Yet, the enchantment doesn't stop there. Encased within the very base of each towering masterpiece resides a curated assortment of artworks crafted by the talented creatives from each city, alongside communal art pieces, reflecting the rich artistic heritage interwoven into the fabric of these cities. 


This is a genuine convergence of ideas and mediums, a collaborative tribute to the diversity and creativity that defines Texan artistry.  

Project Model  
Updated  02/26/2024


Test of TerRa Luna driven by Merry-go-Round

Fly-though video of the model

Is there a burn plan? Yes, absolutely!!!

Our vision for that magical night involves a captivating prelude by a fire conclave of spinners from all over Texas. This performance will set the stage for the grand spectacle to follow.


The starting point of our burn is the top of the pole on the merry-go-round, which will remain untouched by fire. From there, the fire will travel down the fuses along cables to each of the five towers, igniting them simultaneously in a burst of colorful flames. This synchronization aims to create a harmonious and visually stunning presentation, captivating our audience with a dazzling showcase of fiery brilliance.


Throughout the entire sequence, safety remains our utmost priority. Rigorous measures will be implemented and monitored to ensure a controlled and secure environment for spectators.

How did this all begin?

The history of the project's development traces back to a fascination with an Eastern European children's toy that harnessed gravity and centrifugal force, utilizing a simple pull-based mechanism activated by a moving ball beneath the toy. 

Initially, the concept centered around crafting a life-sized replica of this toy, envisioning a grand-scale rendition. However, upon contemplation, the idea of a giant pendulum appeared potentially hazardous, even for an event like Burning Man. A breakthrough emerged when exploring alternatives, leading to the idea of employing a merry-go-round to replicate a similar pulling effect while ensuring safety and active engagement of participants. 


Discussions with friends further fueled the evolution of the idea. Remarkably, each individual presented a unique design of the art piece with a moving component. This diversity sparked a realization: instead of settling for a single interpretation, why not incorporate a few of these creative visions? Given the possibility of operating multiple art pieces using the same merry-go-round mechanism, the project expanded to involve artists and builders across five cities in Texas.


This collaboration has ignited a whirlwind of creativity, resulting in the development of several mesmerizing and diverse art installations. Each piece promises to bring a unique flavor, showcasing the collective creativity of the collaborative effort. This combined project now offers a distinctive opportunity to showcase Texas from various perspectives.

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